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Refund Dates and Deadlines

No Refunds for Tryouts

Partial Refunds given to those who make the team and request prior to April 27th

Calgary Elite Flag Football Leagues Refund Policy

At Calgary Elite Flag Football Leagues (CEFFL), our refund policy is designed to provide clear guidelines and timelines for refunds related to participant registration fees in our youth flag football program. Our primary objectives with this policy are:

  • Transparency: CEFFL is committed to transparency throughout the refund process. This includes clearly defined refund windows and eligibility criteria to ensure that participants are well-informed about their options.
  • Equitability: We aim to treat all participants fairly by offering refunds during specified timeframes for any reason. This policy ensures that refunds are accessible to those who need them, while also maintaining fairness among all participants.
  • Financial Responsibility: CEFFL is dedicated to managing our financial resources responsibly to sustain our non-profit organization and continue offering an affordable program to our community.
  • Insurance Compliance: To maintain our status as a non-profit organization and remain in good standing with governing bodies, apply for fundraising opportunities, and partner with assistance programs, CEFFL must adhere to insurance requirements.

Partial Refunds: Our commitment to fairness, flexibility, and participant satisfaction is the reason we offer the longest refund window possible. Participants are eligible for a partial refund of their registration fee(full fee less $20), for any reason, during the refund timeframe. Providing refunds is our way of offering fairness and flexibility to participants who may face unexpected circumstances or changes in their plans.

No Refunds: The refund deadline helps us maintain operational stability, budget predictability, fairness among participants, and long-term financial sustainability, ultimately benefiting the entire program. Our organization has contractual obligations to other entities based on participant registrations, which are non-transferrable after the refund deadline. By this time, CEFFL has already committed resources to securing a spot for the participant. These financial commitments are made in good faith based on the participant's initial registration. The organization relies on a predictable budget to ensure the continued operation of the program. Allowing refunds beyond this point would lead to budgetary uncertainty and increased registration fees for future participants. Enforcing this deadline ensures fairness and consistency among all participants.

We appreciate your understanding of our refund policy. These guidelines are in place to ensure the operational ability of our league and to provide equal treatment to all participants. By adhering to this refund policy, we aim to maintain the integrity of our youth football program while addressing the needs and concerns of our participants and their families.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please feel free to reach out to us at

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